Established in 2014


Volksbahn Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (VBT) was founded by Dato’ Hakim Low. VBT is focusing on helping the Public and Private Sector to generate Extra Income, to improve Operational Efficiency and to enhance Customer Experience by leveraging on technology and innovations. VBT’s mission is to facilitate urban sustainability, efficiency and lifestyle.

VBT’s innovative and inclusive approach for the generation of extra income for a government owned entity caught the attention of several investors, technology companies and policy makers from the region.

In June 2014, Salcon Berhad, invested into VBT in order to expand VBT’s operations from consulting centric services to end-to-end managed services with the ability to invest and own critical technology infrastructure needed. Salcon Berhad is Main Board Listed Company on Bursa Malaysia. With secured access to funds, VBT has deployed various technology infrastructure in Klang Valley, Greater area Kuala Lumpur.

VBT is offering generic (horizontal) technology services in a wholesale model and selected industry specific services in a direct sales approach. The Convergence and Service Integration layer provides relevant interfaces to integrate and aggregate offerings from and to 3rd parties.


Creating Significant Value for our customers through Service Excellence and continuous Service Innovation.


Becoming the leading company for Smart Urban Infrastructure and Service in Southeast Asia, a leader in Open Industry Collaboration and Smart Public Private Partnerships.